Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jon...sorry, friend, but you are WRONG

Okay ...I hope I did these frickin' scheduled posts right ... it should now be Thursday and hopefully all the drama of yesterday will be over. :-)

So, I decided for the meantime to just continue with the Bounce record ... poor neglected album. I'm reminded of Jon Bon Jovi's comment in the film that when he plays certain tracks he gets "the nice applause" and that nobody wants to hear them except him. He couldn't be more wrong.

Now, I understand that not everyone at the shows is at our obsessive level (yes, you are ... just admit and embrace it.) But, I would like to give concertgoers a little more credit. Sure, its easier to keep things just rockin' along with Bad Medicine, Prayer, Sleep, Faith, etc. but Jon, you have never backed down from a challenge so don't start now.

Give us a chance. You might be surprised at how far we'll go ...

*jumping off soapbox (for) now* LOL

P.S. I just love that shirt. So many fans didn't ... hmmm? Also, how on earth does he sing chewing gum without spitting it at one of those girls in the front row? (...and how much would that gum go for on Ebay? LOL)