Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bounce. Bounce.

Greetings Jovinuts. Happy Wednesday to you (though its still Tuesday as I'm writing this.)

I have been struggling with what to write for this day and still can't come up with the right words. So, I'll do what always works best...make it about the music.

My love for Bounce, both the album and the song specifically, is never-ending. That's because they have gotten me through some of the most challenging of times. And today, in particular, those lyrics hit the spot. I am having surgery to relieve pressure on my brain stem caused by a nasty-ass tumor. I always knew there was something wrong in my head ... and, look, now its been proven! LOL

So, in any case ... I may be a bit out of touch for several days. But have no fear - I have scheduled some future posts - for there is no shortage of great songs and video clips to talk about right?

But, for right now, let's just ... Bounce.

P.S. You can guess what they'll be playing in the operating room. I did refrain from having them put a picture of Jon Bon Jovi on the ceiling. Seriously, not a bad last image to have in your head before they put you under. Am I right? :-)