Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not-So-Patiently Awaiting MSG DVD...LOL

Happy Almost-End-of-the-Week my fellow Jovinuts!

I bet you were beginning to think I would never post the new poll. Sorry to keep you waiting, sometimes life just gets ... well ... complicated. In any case, here I am now.

After seeing SWW last weekend, I was all about the New Jersey album the last couple of days. It truly is one of the great records out there from start to finish. Yes, many of us are incredibly partial to These Days, but you must admit that New Jersey is simply fantastic.

So, between that and the upcoming anniversary of the MSG concerts, I thought I'd choose a couple of great songs from those shows. Speaking of those shows ... umm ... note to Jon Bon Jovi ... we truly appreciate your incredibly high standards and all, but can we just get the damn dvd out now? Probably, truth of the matter is ... it is finished and in the corporate queue somewhere as they figure out which comes first - the chicken or the egg (the dvd or the new record.) [please note that is just an expression, not an editorial comment on either project ... LOL]

But, back to July 2008. What a time it was! We (Fiction Mistress, Goddess Hathor, Willow and I -- thanks jbjbounce, I actually knew that ... argh ;-p) all got together ... isn't it amazing the cities of Boston and NYC are still standing?! We ate, we drank, we laughed, we sang ... we really didn't sleep for several days. Those are memories that will stay with me forever.

So, to celebrate all that was ... and will hopefully be again, here's the new poll.

First up is Blood on Blood in what could absolutely be described as a legendary performance.


Living in Sin which totally brought down the house.

Happy voting ... and be safe, be generous, be yourself.

Lots o' love.
Big Apple Jovi Girl