Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Since Y'All Were Asking....

More than a few people commented that I hadn't posted the NYT article quoting Jon Bon Jovi talking about the state of the AFL - especially given my past connection to and forever love for the Soul. So, here are my thoughts ...

I just don't generally post things I get in the Google alerts. Why, you ask? Well, because I feel blogs should be about the people who write and maintain them -- their experiences, their thoughts, their opinions -- a reflection of their personality. There are plenty of other message boards and news outlets where you can get the black and white facts of what's going down.

What I truly love is sharing with you when I attend an event or a concert -- mostly because I want to give you a first-hand account of what happened and how people reacted -- or my thoughts on what has already been reported in the news.

I like the dialogue that exists between people here - whether it be about a show, a song or just life in general. A dear friend of mine said I was more of the Bon Jovi Op-Ed section than the front page. I think that's a good analogy.

BUT ... since you did ask about the AFL article ...

First off, I'm glad JBJ finally spoke on the record about this. I understand there was a serious gag order in place (to the tune of 7 figures ... tho I'm thinking if the League had that kind of money, they could put it into team development or perhaps MANAGEMENT TRAINING!!) Nonetheless, when Jon talks, its like a lightening rod and, for sure, anything he says is picked apart and analyzed.

I have been trying to 'keep the faith' about the return of the AFL, but each day that passes, it becomes more and more difficult. The thing is ... even if (I mean when) the AFL returns, they are going to have some huge challenges in terms of re-engaging their fans. The League was never known for its communication skills, but these past couple of months (in addition to how the cancellation went down in the first place) hasn't ingratiated themselves at all with the fan base.

Now, the fan base wasn't huge before, but it was incredibly loyal. So ... if you're having issues with your loyal fans, how the hell are you going to convince the casual or new fan?

Throughout these last weeks, I thought an e-mail every once in a while from the Soul office would have been great - just a simple "hey, we're missing you too..." type of thing. (Yes, I know there is really only one person in the office but considering I sent out many of the e-blasts last season, I know for a fact how quickly they can be done.) It just seems that it would have been prudent to try to maintain some kind of relationship with the people who will, in turn, be your best marketing machine when the team returns.

All this being said, I would love to be proven wrong ... and have the AFL back in business, with some strong strategic thinkers on the management team. And, heck, I'm right up the street from the offices ... I'd be happy to come down and help out. I really think they need a woman in that office to get things done!

But, in the meantime, I guess we just have to wait it out. And, I don't know about you, but I'm an Aries ... so, patience isn't one of my strongest traits ... LOL.