Thursday, March 10, 2011


Greetings friends! I received some great news today that I was chosen as a MEMPHIS Super-Fan (which I would be ... regardless of a title! ... but HONORED that they think so. LOL) ...

As such, they are having a contest to help spread the word ... simply go to THIS LINK and sign up for the newsletter (if you already have signed up, do it again ... just in case hehe)

Y'all know how much I do LOVE this musical and the incredible people who have brought it to life! (I do have pictures somewhere with both David Bryan and Joe DiPietro ... I should find them ... soon.)

It's been an amazing ride so far ...

- May 2009 - Upright Cabaret Features MEMPHIS at Joe's Pub

- September 2009 - Opening Night of Previews

- April 2010 - Chad, Montego and Joe Do Live Webcast

- April 2010 - Cast CD Signing at Barnes & Noble

- May 2010 - MEMPHIS in the Morning

- June 2010 - THE (frickin!) TONY AWARDS
Part 1 (pre-ceremony)
Part 2 (David and Joe)
Part 3 (Best Musical!)

- June 2010 - First Post-Tony Performance

- August 2010 - MEMPHIS at Joe's Pub

...and I'm sure there are many more memories to make...for example, MEMPHIS in Chicago in November :-) ... and I'm thinking I just might need to take a trip to Memphis for MEMPHIS when it opens there (I believe in October???)

Anyhoo, thanks for all your support ... AND DON'T FORGET TO SIGN UP ... CLICK THIS LINK!