Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Message to My Beloved Jukes


Date: Today
To: Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes
From: BAJG


As you are all finalizing your bracket picks for the NCAA, it is time for a REAL unveiling of picks ... my Jukes 40-song set list request for my 40th (shut up!) birthday in April.

Figured I would give y'all enough time to (warning: curse word alert!) ... rehearse.

But, look! ... I was nice ... only a few of them (note asterisks) are non-negotiable. Hehe.

So, heads-up to "the suits" ... hope you're ready for overtime charges in Collingswood. :-)

Part 1:
Coming Back
Broke Down Piece of Man
Take It Inside
Walk Away Renee
Don't Call Me Baby*
I Won't Sing*
Into the Harbour*
Lead Me On*
Soul's on Fire*
anything sung by Kazee*
Without Love
Love on the Wrong Side of Town
This Time Baby's Gone for Good
You're My Girl
Talk to Me
It's Been a Long Time
Light Don't Shine
One More Night to Rock

Part 2:
This Time It's for Real
Heartbreak City
Cross That Line
Tired Skin
Shiver Me Timbers*
Gladly Go Blind
Trapped Again
Leaving Behind
Some Things Just Don't Change*
A Place Where I Can't Be Found*
Woke Up This Morning
Livin' with the Blues
Better Days
Thank You
All I Want is Everything
I Don't Want to Go Home
We're Having a Party
Hearts of Stone

...There you have it. My birthday Jukes show ... and @Zoe211's first show!

p.s. in truth, Don't Call Me Baby, Soul's on Fire and/or I Won't Sing would probably do it for me ... but a girl can dream, right? :-)