Thursday, May 20, 2010

MEMPHIS in the Morning

So, David Bryan visited with Jim Kerr on Q104.3 at 7am this morning to talk about Memphis (and a bit of Bon Jovi as well LOL) ... and so, OF COURSE, I woke up early to hear it. :-)

I must say ... I became a musician so I didn't have to get up at these ungodly hours (probably David was thinking the SAME thing!)

In any case, he performed "Memphis Lives in Me" live on air ... here's the picture the radio station tweeted ...

He sounded GREAT considering it was an early morning after the show in Hershey last night.

Anyhoo, David talked about the possibility of a movie being made. He talked about missing the first show with Jon in thirty-two years because of the Tony Awards (DAVID - I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU!) ... all around it was a great interview. Hope they podcast it.

P.S. He also mentioned they were going to "do something" at the Tony's but he couldn't disclose what it was. I can't wait to experience it ... ordered the dress yesterday. Just need to find the right jewelry. Haha.

P.S.2. Updated later to include video :-)