Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New (Sorta) Music Alert!

Happy Tuesday y'all! Seriously?! ...it's only Tuesday?! The fact that Opening Day is right around the corner (GO YANKEES!) is the only thing getting me thru the week ... oh, and that Friday is a Southside Johnny show. :-)

Speaking of the Jukes ... just wanted to give you a heads-up that Jeff Kazee (of Jukes and Jovi fame) recently made his 1998 album "No River" available on iTunes. A great collection of original songs, I've had this CD for a few years now and listen to it on an almost daily basis.

To me, there's a straight-forwardness to the songs and this fabulously ironic mix of optimism and sadness which keeps me coming back to them. And regardless of the fact it was issued over a decade ago, it really doesn't feel dated in the least. Standout tracks include She Can't Stand Me, Give, Real Thing and my personal favorite She Could've Been Mine (who knew that a simple octave jump could be so catchy and effective? ...listen to the chorus, you'll understand.)

I am hoping that Jeff makes the liner notes available (originally only published online, I believe) because he has a great way with words (well, he is a songwriter afterall LOL) Here's his intro to the album:
As if writing, recording, and throwing out a bunch of songs
onto the unsuspecting public isn't self-involved enough, I now
present a few liner notes concerning my 10 little punks that
reside on the No River recording. Basically I was trying to
catch a couple of real pivotal years in my life, change a few
names, make up a lot of stuff, channel my feelings, and
turn all of it into Popstuff.
Now, with notes as honest as that, doesn't it make you want to check out the album?

Go HERE to purchase.