Monday, March 21, 2011

Going Global...

Greetings from soggy New York City. "Rainy days and Mondays always get me down" ... so rainy day PLUS Monday makes for an introspective morning.

I have always held the belief that music is the universal language and ultimate healer. It has a way of bringing people together like no other. It can get you thru the best of times, but more importantly the most difficult of times.

Like everyone else, the people of Japan and the incomprehensible challenges that they are facing have been weighing on my mind ... a lot. I don't know, maybe it's because I'm a Jovifan and there has been such a long and wonderful relationship between Bon Jovi and that country that it has hit many of us so hard. It is because of the band that I have friends there in the first place ... as I have in other parts of the world -- from Christchurch (where they are still reeling from their own disaster) to Berlin, Vancouver to Santiago. It really is an incredible thing, the Jovi family (complete with moments of utter dysfunction. LOL) Ya know, I was thinking ... heck, if each of the 10 million BJ fans on facebook made even a $1 donation, imagine the impact that could have! By the way, if you can donate, please check out this site for various options.

So I wanted to put together a mini-tribute to the band's great history in Japan. FYI: Every Jovifan owes a huge debt to Wowow TV and Burnn magazine. Period. Years and years of great coverage.

...ok, possibly the best vocal performance by Jon Bon Jovi anywhere, anytime, any song over the last 27+ years *sigh* (Yokohama)

...Lost Highway tour (Tokyo) ...

I love this one -- Jon actually messes up the the words a little in the opening of the second verse ... but it certainly doesn't alter the sentiment. :) (Bounce Tour, Club Zepp) ...

Living on a Prayer? Yes.

But not just one prayer -- the prayers of many, many people.

I will be back later this week with more pictures, concert goodies, etc.

Until then, be well.

p.s. I didn't even realize while I was typing this post, a message from JBJ to his Japanese fans and friends was being circulated. :-) I haven't seen it yet (blocked at the office) but as soon as I get home ...