Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Promise!

Hey Jovinuts ... I know I haven't been so terrific about actually writing my reviews of the last shows in a timely manner ... but, this whole traveling/show/traveling/show thing is really tiring. LOL

A few FANTASTIC surprises at Mohegan Sun #1 ...

- My buddy Jeff Kazee joining the boys on stage for a few songs. For a huge basketball fan, I give him a lot of credit for tearing himself away from the TV to come and jam with the guys. LOL (added later: sorry about Ohio State and then Kentucky, Jeff ... I'm still pulling for Duke. Hehe.)

here's a great picture from SamboraRocks

- Jon DID NOT LIE (this time) and actually did play "Never Say Goodbye" ... so glad it came in loud and clear on the phone for Fiction Mistress.

So ... I PROMISE I will write more later ... but hopefully, these goodies will hold you for now.

P.S. Just got home from Mohegan Sun #2 ... big surprise for the night was Miss Fourth of July ... I nearly passed out when he announced it ...

here's a video by Deb308 (who ALWAYS takes awesome video)

P.S. A message to Jon Bon Jovi: Five shows in 7 days is crazy ... can you please go to Europe now cuz I'm exhausted and need a break. LOL Somehow, I actually got the same exact seat basically for three shows in a row -- 5th row, dead center. I think Jon probably thought he was losing his mind. As Yogi Berra always said "its deja vu, all over again!" ... but, I am one tired camper (blame Jon) and I'm going to bed! (Truthfully, though, this has been an amazing run of performances ... one left. Washington, DC in the pit.)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Philly Tidbit ...

I know, I know ... I still need to write my thoughts about Philly Night 2 ... but I've been swamped with work ... and now I'm off to Mohegan Sun. Seriously, I know that the band has help and all, but this is EXHAUSTING -- I honestly don't know how they do it.

In any case, here is a little fun piece of video.

Small word of advice to Jon Bon Jovi: "Relax Jonny. The guitar duet in Thorn sounds FANTASTIC." Richie is all carefree jamming thru it and Jonny looks just a bit ... well ... intense. But I love it. :-)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Philly Night 2 ... OMG ... LFS

Okay ... will be back with more later, but here's just a little tidbit to keep you until I have time to write ...

*courtesy of the incomparable Fiction Mistress*

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

City of Brotherly Love ... part 1

*or as Obie calls it, City of Brotherly Shove LOL*

Greetings fellow Jovinuts ... I'm a bit exhausted (ok, that's a huge understatement) so I'll probably keep this pretty brief (yeah, right ...)

Bad Medicine?
After much indecision, I finally jumped onto the bus to Philly for the first show. I've been dealing with some rather serious health issues which have me feeling quite lousy. Bottom line, this new experimental drug is keeping some things at bay, but causing other problems in the process. Oyyy. So, the thought of schlepping out to Philly was just not very inviting. Nonetheless, the power of music once again won out. So ... onto the bus I went. :-)

Setlist Stuff
Okay, if you followed the pbp or saw the setlist you know that it was about as vanilla as you can get in terms of this tour thus far. A couple of things about that ... first, it was exactly what I expected ... first night in the venue. I doubt there were more than 200 or so who had seen a show this tour already, so for them it was all new. It was nice, however, to hear "Lay Your Hands on Me" regardless of whether Richie actually knew the words. Nobody really cares when he sounds that good and looks that great. Those arms, Richie. Lordy.

So this was the 2nd time I was seeing the full production and from a completely different angle (outside the pit, row 10.) I know that I'm absolutely spoiled by having such good seats for most of the shows (actually, last night is the farthest back I have for the whole tour I think.) I really did enjoy seeing the guys on the circle from the front LOL, though the view of their backsides isn't so bad. ;-)

As an aside: Sign etiquette people! One song, two at the most ... but the whole frickin' show holding up a Captain Crash sign?! You gotta be kidding me.

Jon Bon Jovi, once again, sounded out of this world on WWWB. That track didn't "do it for me" on the record, but is absolutely breathtaking live. The genuine emotion with which he delivers the song is very moving ... look at his eyes, you can tell what he's feeling.

WFTWM on the other hand feels quite staged ... a la "Right Side of Wrong" if you remember that. I was happy, though, to see that so many people seemed to jump on board with that song. Again, better live than on the record.

Shark-Infested Waters LOL
It was great to see Ron "Jaws" Jaworski and his wife Liz in the friends and family section. I'm a big fan of the man ... he is just a smart, passionate guy who gives seriously the best bear hugs around. I especially enjoyed seeing him sing along to "Who Says" and "Roadhouse Blues" (which was awfully fun. I know, I always call it Roll, Baby, Roll ... but it really is Roadhouse Blues. LOL)

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel
As HRH said in closing, we'll do this all again tonight. My poor doctor is gonna kill me. Haha. Well, here's hoping he really mixes up the set -- Happy Now, Bullet, Never Say Goodbye ...?

Okay, I better get some work done before I have to leave for the bus. :-)

P.S. Speaking of Obie (at the top of this post), he was at the show and looking much better than I've seen him in a while. Hmm...betcha HE was able to get a ticket to the Soul event ... maybe he'll even wear "the shirt." LOL

Monday, March 22, 2010

No Love for Soul Supporters

remember how I said that I don't rant that much ... ummm ... ooops, maybe I DO!

Well, who knew?! Even in death, the Philadelphia Soul has found a new way to disappoint its long-time fans. Okay, five years may not seem like a long time, but it was the entire lifespan of that organization.

I am, of course, talking about the "free"show that will happen on Wednesday at the Wachovia Center. Is it actually a show or just an extended soundcheck? Does it really matter? What matters is this was supposed to be a thank you for the fans.

Well ... its not. Period.

If it REALLY was for the Soul fans, Jon Bon Jovi would have insisted that it was for 2008 season ticketholders--you know, the ones who actually supported the team thru the good AND bad times (they weren't ALL rosy years), the ones who came out to every game, knew the players, knew the staff and did not just jump on the post-ArenaBowl win bandwagon.

But instead, the e-mail invitation was completely messed up ... One friend got her e-mail at 6:30am on the West Coast. One friend didn't get one AT ALL and she was a season ticketholder for five years. I, myself, got mine around 3pm on Friday ... long after all the tickets were distributed. And it seemed there were, what, 100 tickets to be given out?

We were the ones who showed up when we were losing, showed up when we were hurting, showed up regardless of whether HRH (his royal hotness) was going to be at the game. I know ... so if we didn't care about the whole BJ connection why do we care about a free BJ show? Well, because it was about thanking the fans ... about being able to reconnect with fellow fans we haven't seen since the demise of the league (trust me, you get to know your neighbors when you're sitting in the same seats for years) ... for us to remember together all the good times we had. Now, for many it will just be the sad last reminder of what could have been.

I won't be petty (though I did think of asking Obie for the band & drumline shirt back LOL) ... and it won't replace the good memories I have of friends and football, but it definitely does rub me the wrong way.

Of course, like the other three zillion people, I have entered the contest at WMMR. Not holding my breath on that one though. ;-)

*steps off soapbox*

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Going to Kansas City ... Kansas City There I (Went)

*the above title, inspired by the great Fats Domino Song :-)*

Happy Wednesday y'all (yes...y'all...see?! that's what happens when I hang out with Fiction Mistress ... my Southern New York City accent comes out ... well, I DO work all the way down on Wall Street. LOL)

Anyhoo, here I am back in the Big Apple - counting the days 'til my next show (which would be in less than a week ... Philly.)

So here are just a few brief (yeah, right) thoughts on my time in KC. I will try to keep it to two words. (By the way ... thanks to all who followed the play-by-play on Monday night. Hope you had fun.)

This was my first real official concert of The Circle tour. Sure I was in Hawaii ... and we DID get some pretty fabulous stuff ... but in terms of production, etc. it was more of an open rehearsal than "a show." So, this was my first opportunity to view the set-up and all the technology everyone has been talking about. I was absolutely mesmerized by the screens they are using for this show. I figured I wouldn't get the full effect given where my seat was (pit, row 4) but, seriously, these things are frickin' awesome. I LOVED the venetian screens they used for the Lost Highway tour ... but this set-up ... THIS is extraordinary.

Okay...first off you have the big screen up top that can break into just about any combination you can imagine. Every time I thought I'd seen it all, they would surprise me again. Then you've got those "robot screens" that flip, rotate, shift everywhere ... and that stairway/platform it makes for Jon to go behind the stage. Awesome.

Only one negative thing to say about 'production.' (two words) LESS REVERB. Jon Bon Jovi is sounding fantastic -- particularly on When We Were Beautiful, which was outstanding. (I can't use that word without laughing ... remember that "On the Road" segment when Rew had everyone just saying "out-standing"? Still cracks me up.) Anyway, the reverb they are adding in is just too much. One of the things I've always loved about this band is their rather pure sound - not overly processed. (Also, it totally messes up FM's videos LOL)

So, I know, I know ... the setlist was rather vanilla, pretty darn standard. But, this was the first time I got to hear Richie do Homebound Train live. And I will tell you ... it was certainly worth the wait (ok, maybe not a 15-year wait, but darn close.) And, it was my first time hearing this version of Something for the Pain. I loved having all the guys come out (more on that later), though sorry that David was having some accordion issues (welcome to live performance folks. LOL) And how cute is it that Jon had Tico really take a bow, saying "you all have waited 25 years to see him ... THIS is Tico." LOL

So, I was blessed (read: spoiled) to have a pit seat for this show. And because I was near the end of the row, had the opportunity to get right up beside the circle each time (thanks Matt Bongiovi, who made sure we got a good spot.) As a result, I had some really great moments with HRH which will remain etched in my mind for a good long time. (And yes, girls I did wash my hands. LOL) I am glad to be a fan of a band that actually remembers the people they have met/seen often and is happy to interact with them. Though, I could SWEAR David was laughing at me during my less-than-enthusiastic hand-raising during Who Says.

Speaking of David, isn't this a beautiful picture? (It is of course, one of Fiction Mistress's ... I'm assuming during Hallelujah ... I was focused the other way ... with HRH's tush right in front of me. LOL)

So ... some have asked "why Kansas City?" Well, because like I said in my previous post, this is where my PIC (partner-in-crime) got caught up in the world of Jovi. Yes, this trip was all about the Fiction Mistress. Without Kansas City, she and I would not be friends (wahh...don't even want to THINK about that.) Hopefully she will write more about it on her blog ... in the way only SHE can ... including our random Jovi-encounters, the tattooed restaurant manager and other fun tales.

Well, that's all for now. Will be back again soon. :-)

Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm Off to See the Wizard ...

okay, its actually Kansas City, MISSOURI and not Kansas City, KANSAS ... but no matter ...

Greetings fellow Jovinuts! Its a rainy, dreary day in New York City ... but there's sunshine on the horizon ... yes, that would be a Jovishow on Monday.

I'm super-excited to be going back to the place where it all began for The Fiction Mistress. We both have good pit seats (rows 3 and 4) so hopefully she will get some more kick-a$$ video and I will be doing the pbp on Twitter. :-)

I'm also looking forward to seeing the new stage set-up with the robots and the screens etc etc etc ... which for obvious reasons weren't schlepped all the way to Honolulu. Add to it that HRH has really been trying to change up the setlists as promised (Never Say Goodbye!!!, Hey God, Diamond Ring, Bullet, etc.) ... dare I hold my breath for This Ain't A Love Song complete with "the knee-drop" at the end (I will even bring a pillow for him ... cuz we all ain't as young as we used to be. LOL)

Anyhoo, it has NOT been a stellar couple of days by any stretch of the imagination EXCEPT for the absolutely awesome Early Elton show at BB King's this week.

So, what IS that you ask? Well, its Jeff Kazee/John Conte/Rich Pagano playing the music of Elton John basically between the years of 1970-1972. I actually forgot how absolutely great those songs are. Count on Kazee to remind me. I swear to God I'd love to just sit with a cup of coffee and go thru Jeff's record collection and listen to him talk about music. :-)

Anyway, here's the set list ...

Bad Side of the Moon -Jeff
Take Me to The Pilot - Jeff
No Shoestrings On Louise - Rich
Border Song - Jeff
Levon - Rich
Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters - Jeff/Rich (OMG I love this song!)
My Father's Gun - Rich
Son Of Your Father- Rich
Country Comfort - John/Rich/Jeff
Madman Across The Water - Jeff
Amoreena - Jeff
Friends - John
Burn Down The Mission - Jeff


Honky Cat - Jeff
Grey Seal - Rich

My friend L got some great video of the encore and hopefully when she figures out how to rotate it, I can post it. LOL. But, in the meantime ... here is a video from a previous show.

See?! I could sit and listen to Jeff play all day long. I must say that the guy really deserved a massage after this show ... he played the %$&* out of that piano. Amazing!

And I just had to snap this crappy cell phone picture of the great John Conte (you remember him from the Jon Bon Jovi & Friends Starland fan club show, right?) ... now THAT is a sight - plaid pants, striped shirt, playing a mandolin. Love it! He DOES have a history of colorful attire.

By the way, I was a good girl and didn't try to steal the nice poster that was outside the venue ... oh, Jeff ... can you help a girl out? :-)

Okay. Well, I'm off (I guess y'all knew that already haha) ... I MEAN ... I'm off to Kansas City for some bbq, some music and a little time with my partner-in-crime (which will no doubt include some wine.)

P.S. Thinking about hitting the Tampa show ... anyone have an extra ticket? :-)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Rare JoviRant from Big Apple Jovi Girl ...

*can I please have just five minutes of your time?* LOL

Greetings Jovifans - Hope this finds you well. Here in NYC the sun is shining and spring is definitely trying to break through. :-)

Okay, I rarely rant too much about anything publicly ... I just don't do that in general. But, I feel compelled to say SOMETHING here. LOL

So, my dear friend R posted an HRH interview on German radio that he did from Los Angeles. It’s actually a pretty good interview - nothing new per se - but always nice to hear him talk about things.


this whole misconception he has about American crowds versus European ones.

Jon Bon Jovi - are you LISTENING to me?! The reason you THINK American crowds don't know the verses is because in Europe, all the fans are right up front. There, being in the front doesn't have to do with winning the lottery or being a zillionaire. In the US, fans are relegated to sitting where they can afford to, not where their HEART wants them to. And THAT, my friends, is why I'm going to the European leg in 2011 ... well, also to see my crazy German girls. :-)

So, Mr. Smartypants (and I say that with all due respect) think about that the next time you make that comment. It’s true that the international audiences have always been very loyal – but don’t throw all us Americans in the same bucket, many of us have been just as loyal.

Thanks y’all … rant is now over.

*now back to your regularly scheduled programming*

P.S. Oh, here’s the link to the interview if you missed it.

P.S.2. New obsession of the day … the Grapefruit Moon album by Southside Johnny and LaBamba. It’s like traditional big band meets New Orleans jazz meets Cuban something-or-another. It is absolutely FANTASTIC … and a version of Temptation (no, not the BJ song) to die for.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Move Over Jonny ... LOL

*we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming*

Okay, I know I said the next post would be about bringing back the Legendary Performances, but I just HAD to write about where I was last night. No, its not sordid ... yet.

So, my friend L had texted me a couple of weeks ago asking if I wanted to go to the Lifehouse record release party at the Hard Rock Cafe. I thought "sure, sounds like fun ... who's Lifehouse?" and figured it would be an interesting way to spend a Tuesday night - a mini-show for a small crowd plus cd signing.

All I can say now is "oh lordy where have I BEEN"? Well, first off, I realize now that I DID know a couple of their songs. I had a number of those "aha moments" during the show last night but mostly was just enraptured by the lead singer, Jason Wade. ;-)

Secondly, live performance means a lot to me. I have gone to see bands that I have loved on tape to find out they just couldn't hack it live. Not the case with this band. They were fantastic on stage - great sound (though mixing could have been a bit cleaner) and Jason (ahhhh) creates a great connection with the audience.

So, now I'm in Lifehouse research mode (meaning Google) checking out the band and its mesmerizing lead singer (who is probably young enough to be my son ... ok, not QUITE that young, but still! I felt like one of the oldest people there LOL) And, I'm currently listening to the new record ... niiice.

You may have already known their stuff ... here's one I actually knew ... (fyi - there's a little mini-ad beforehand)

hmmm....doesn't that tunnel look AWFULLY familiar ... LOL?

Anyhoo, after the show L and I headed to John's Pizza, which simply has the best pizza in New York City (even my crazy Germans can attest, yes?!)

P.S. Did you catch the pbp of the BJ Sacramento show last night? Opening with Just Older ... haha ... nice Jonny. Hope y'all left him a birthday message ... FM left one for the ages. ;-)

Nice to see that someone at SparkArt (or wherever) is sharing all these candid pictures ...

I personally liked this one - Jon Bon Jovi and Obie (who is wearing the shirt I gave him) in the studio ... whatcha workin' on there boys? ;-)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sleep When I'm Dead ...

Greetings Jovinuts! Yes, I am still alive. LOL

Sorry I've been a bit incommunicado these last couple of weeks ... life has been a little crazy.

Anyhoo ... here I am, baby, right where you found me *now singing Southside*

Ohhh ... speaking of Southside, my buddy Jeff Kazee is doing his Early Elton show at BB King's next week. If you are in/around New York City, you should come ... its gonna be fantastic. The man is ridiculously talented and a hoot-and-a-half as well. If you'd like more info or are planning to attend, drop me a line at

Ok ... so what else is going on? Hmmm ... March is looking a little out of control - here's what's on the calendar so far - 1 record release party (tonight. Lifehouse. Hard Rock Cafe NYC), 1 fashion show fundraiser for City Harvest, 1 Knicks game (NOT a basketball fan, but am hanging with some of my best chicas), 1 concert of my ex (still undecided about THAT one! LOL), 1 Daughtry concert, 6 (maybe 7) Jovi shows and the aforementioned Kazee show. And you never know what else may come up ...

For instance, during the snowstorm last week "Memphis" had a special ticket offer. I simply couldn't pass up orchestra seats for $26.50 ... so for the (I think) sixth time went to see the show. First time seeing it without Chad Kimball - understudy was no slouch - but Chad IS Huey Calhoun. Of course, I was singing Love Will Stand When All Else Falls the rest of the weekend. That's not so bad. ;-) By the way, have YOU seen the show yet? *hint hint*

Oh, before I forget ... need to wish a happy birthday to our guy, right?

So, to Jon Bon Jovi - who has been a part of my life longer than any man on this planet - I wish for you health and happiness and time with your family. I thank you for giving so much of yourself to us fans, for reminding us to live each day to the fullest and for giving us the strength to be our own person. Yes, you really are Superman ...

(Hey! Ain't this video a beauty?! Its one of FictionMistress's ... yes, we will be double-teaming the Kansas City show - she'll do pics/video and I'll do Twitter play-by-play ... so "Get Ready!" LOL)

Well, that's all for now ... "time to make the donuts" ... see you soon! xoxo

P.S. Next up ... the return of the Legendary Performances polls. :-)