Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Rare JoviRant from Big Apple Jovi Girl ...

*can I please have just five minutes of your time?* LOL

Greetings Jovifans - Hope this finds you well. Here in NYC the sun is shining and spring is definitely trying to break through. :-)

Okay, I rarely rant too much about anything publicly ... I just don't do that in general. But, I feel compelled to say SOMETHING here. LOL

So, my dear friend R posted an HRH interview on German radio that he did from Los Angeles. It’s actually a pretty good interview - nothing new per se - but always nice to hear him talk about things.


this whole misconception he has about American crowds versus European ones.

Jon Bon Jovi - are you LISTENING to me?! The reason you THINK American crowds don't know the verses is because in Europe, all the fans are right up front. There, being in the front doesn't have to do with winning the lottery or being a zillionaire. In the US, fans are relegated to sitting where they can afford to, not where their HEART wants them to. And THAT, my friends, is why I'm going to the European leg in 2011 ... well, also to see my crazy German girls. :-)

So, Mr. Smartypants (and I say that with all due respect) think about that the next time you make that comment. It’s true that the international audiences have always been very loyal – but don’t throw all us Americans in the same bucket, many of us have been just as loyal.

Thanks y’all … rant is now over.

*now back to your regularly scheduled programming*

P.S. Oh, here’s the link to the interview if you missed it.

P.S.2. New obsession of the day … the Grapefruit Moon album by Southside Johnny and LaBamba. It’s like traditional big band meets New Orleans jazz meets Cuban something-or-another. It is absolutely FANTASTIC … and a version of Temptation (no, not the BJ song) to die for.