Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sleep When I'm Dead ...

Greetings Jovinuts! Yes, I am still alive. LOL

Sorry I've been a bit incommunicado these last couple of weeks ... life has been a little crazy.

Anyhoo ... here I am, baby, right where you found me *now singing Southside*

Ohhh ... speaking of Southside, my buddy Jeff Kazee is doing his Early Elton show at BB King's next week. If you are in/around New York City, you should come ... its gonna be fantastic. The man is ridiculously talented and a hoot-and-a-half as well. If you'd like more info or are planning to attend, drop me a line at bigapplejovi@yahoo.com.

Ok ... so what else is going on? Hmmm ... March is looking a little out of control - here's what's on the calendar so far - 1 record release party (tonight. Lifehouse. Hard Rock Cafe NYC), 1 fashion show fundraiser for City Harvest, 1 Knicks game (NOT a basketball fan, but am hanging with some of my best chicas), 1 concert of my ex (still undecided about THAT one! LOL), 1 Daughtry concert, 6 (maybe 7) Jovi shows and the aforementioned Kazee show. And you never know what else may come up ...

For instance, during the snowstorm last week "Memphis" had a special ticket offer. I simply couldn't pass up orchestra seats for $26.50 ... so for the (I think) sixth time went to see the show. First time seeing it without Chad Kimball - understudy was no slouch - but Chad IS Huey Calhoun. Of course, I was singing Love Will Stand When All Else Falls the rest of the weekend. That's not so bad. ;-) By the way, have YOU seen the show yet? *hint hint*

Oh, before I forget ... need to wish a happy birthday to our guy, right?

So, to Jon Bon Jovi - who has been a part of my life longer than any man on this planet - I wish for you health and happiness and time with your family. I thank you for giving so much of yourself to us fans, for reminding us to live each day to the fullest and for giving us the strength to be our own person. Yes, you really are Superman ...

(Hey! Ain't this video a beauty?! Its one of FictionMistress's ... yes, we will be double-teaming the Kansas City show - she'll do pics/video and I'll do Twitter play-by-play ... so "Get Ready!" LOL)

Well, that's all for now ... "time to make the donuts" ... see you soon! xoxo

P.S. Next up ... the return of the Legendary Performances polls. :-)