Monday, March 22, 2010

No Love for Soul Supporters

remember how I said that I don't rant that much ... ummm ... ooops, maybe I DO!

Well, who knew?! Even in death, the Philadelphia Soul has found a new way to disappoint its long-time fans. Okay, five years may not seem like a long time, but it was the entire lifespan of that organization.

I am, of course, talking about the "free"show that will happen on Wednesday at the Wachovia Center. Is it actually a show or just an extended soundcheck? Does it really matter? What matters is this was supposed to be a thank you for the fans.

Well ... its not. Period.

If it REALLY was for the Soul fans, Jon Bon Jovi would have insisted that it was for 2008 season ticketholders--you know, the ones who actually supported the team thru the good AND bad times (they weren't ALL rosy years), the ones who came out to every game, knew the players, knew the staff and did not just jump on the post-ArenaBowl win bandwagon.

But instead, the e-mail invitation was completely messed up ... One friend got her e-mail at 6:30am on the West Coast. One friend didn't get one AT ALL and she was a season ticketholder for five years. I, myself, got mine around 3pm on Friday ... long after all the tickets were distributed. And it seemed there were, what, 100 tickets to be given out?

We were the ones who showed up when we were losing, showed up when we were hurting, showed up regardless of whether HRH (his royal hotness) was going to be at the game. I know ... so if we didn't care about the whole BJ connection why do we care about a free BJ show? Well, because it was about thanking the fans ... about being able to reconnect with fellow fans we haven't seen since the demise of the league (trust me, you get to know your neighbors when you're sitting in the same seats for years) ... for us to remember together all the good times we had. Now, for many it will just be the sad last reminder of what could have been.

I won't be petty (though I did think of asking Obie for the band & drumline shirt back LOL) ... and it won't replace the good memories I have of friends and football, but it definitely does rub me the wrong way.

Of course, like the other three zillion people, I have entered the contest at WMMR. Not holding my breath on that one though. ;-)

*steps off soapbox*