Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Move Over Jonny ... LOL

*we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming*

Okay, I know I said the next post would be about bringing back the Legendary Performances, but I just HAD to write about where I was last night. No, its not sordid ... yet.

So, my friend L had texted me a couple of weeks ago asking if I wanted to go to the Lifehouse record release party at the Hard Rock Cafe. I thought "sure, sounds like fun ... who's Lifehouse?" and figured it would be an interesting way to spend a Tuesday night - a mini-show for a small crowd plus cd signing.

All I can say now is "oh lordy where have I BEEN"? Well, first off, I realize now that I DID know a couple of their songs. I had a number of those "aha moments" during the show last night but mostly was just enraptured by the lead singer, Jason Wade. ;-)

Secondly, live performance means a lot to me. I have gone to see bands that I have loved on tape to find out they just couldn't hack it live. Not the case with this band. They were fantastic on stage - great sound (though mixing could have been a bit cleaner) and Jason (ahhhh) creates a great connection with the audience.

So, now I'm in Lifehouse research mode (meaning Google) checking out the band and its mesmerizing lead singer (who is probably young enough to be my son ... ok, not QUITE that young, but still! I felt like one of the oldest people there LOL) And, I'm currently listening to the new record ... niiice.

You may have already known their stuff ... here's one I actually knew ... (fyi - there's a little mini-ad beforehand)

hmmm....doesn't that tunnel look AWFULLY familiar ... LOL?

Anyhoo, after the show L and I headed to John's Pizza, which simply has the best pizza in New York City (even my crazy Germans can attest, yes?!)

P.S. Did you catch the pbp of the BJ Sacramento show last night? Opening with Just Older ... haha ... nice Jonny. Hope y'all left him a birthday message ... FM left one for the ages. ;-)

Nice to see that someone at SparkArt (or wherever) is sharing all these candid pictures ...

I personally liked this one - Jon Bon Jovi and Obie (who is wearing the shirt I gave him) in the studio ... whatcha workin' on there boys? ;-)