Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Promise!

Hey Jovinuts ... I know I haven't been so terrific about actually writing my reviews of the last shows in a timely manner ... but, this whole traveling/show/traveling/show thing is really tiring. LOL

A few FANTASTIC surprises at Mohegan Sun #1 ...

- My buddy Jeff Kazee joining the boys on stage for a few songs. For a huge basketball fan, I give him a lot of credit for tearing himself away from the TV to come and jam with the guys. LOL (added later: sorry about Ohio State and then Kentucky, Jeff ... I'm still pulling for Duke. Hehe.)

here's a great picture from SamboraRocks

- Jon DID NOT LIE (this time) and actually did play "Never Say Goodbye" ... so glad it came in loud and clear on the phone for Fiction Mistress.

So ... I PROMISE I will write more later ... but hopefully, these goodies will hold you for now.

P.S. Just got home from Mohegan Sun #2 ... big surprise for the night was Miss Fourth of July ... I nearly passed out when he announced it ...

here's a video by Deb308 (who ALWAYS takes awesome video)

P.S. A message to Jon Bon Jovi: Five shows in 7 days is crazy ... can you please go to Europe now cuz I'm exhausted and need a break. LOL Somehow, I actually got the same exact seat basically for three shows in a row -- 5th row, dead center. I think Jon probably thought he was losing his mind. As Yogi Berra always said "its deja vu, all over again!" ... but, I am one tired camper (blame Jon) and I'm going to bed! (Truthfully, though, this has been an amazing run of performances ... one left. Washington, DC in the pit.)