Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why So Many Bon Jovi Concerts?

The Lost Highway tour started a year ago today ... man, it seems like a long time ago now.

So ... I went to 18 shows this tour (21 if you count the three quasi-tour shows in Puerto Rico, Tiger Jam in Vegas and the free Central Park one.) Why, you ask? Yes, my bank account is asking the same thing!

Now, some of you reading this already understand the answer to this question. But for those of you who don't ... let me try to explain.

First, there's the body of songs over the last 25 years. Few bands have such a history ... and you never know what you might end up with on any given day. And when you hear those rarely performed songs, they live in your memory hearing Dry County for the first time in a decade at Giants Stadium during the Have a Nice Day tour. And you end up kicking yourself for not being at that concert where they did song x, y or z .. for me its This Ain't A Love Song ... I refuse to miss the Europe leg next time ... Sandy, Rike, Beate and Steffi ... make room in the car! ;-)

Second, there's the fact that they are great musicians. And who wouldn't want to see artists at the top of their game as much as humanly possible? Sure, I've been there when things have gone a little askew (read: also memories that last a lifetime) but that is the JOY of live performance.

Third, there is the pure energy that comes from the stage. Its contagious. Sometimes musicians are afraid to use the word "entertain" because it somehow detracts from the seriousness of the profession ... this is often the case in the classical music world. (Hello people! We are all in the same marketplace fighting for the public's time, interest and money....but, again, I digress ...)

The truth of the matter is, anyone who basically gets up on a stage is there to engage others ... if that weren't the case, they could just write book or a magazine article or make a record but never tour. And you have NEVER seen someone perform like Jon Bon Jovi. As each tour passes, my respect for him grows more and more. The man is incredible on stage ... the connection he makes with an audience is like nothing I have seen from anyone else ... ok ... maybe Bill Clinton.

Then there's all those other things - I have a lot of friends at these concerts, I get to travel to different places, I get to discover different cultures, etc. But in the end, the real reason I go...?

It just makes me happy. Plain and simple.