Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Man Always Looks Good ... Even in Orange?!?

You know there are some colors that are just difficult to wear for many people ... yellow is one that comes to mind quickly. I, personally, look like Big Bird.

But, probably at the top of most people's list is orange ... so of course, HRH looks good in it. Damn him! Now, if he could come up with a song using the word orange ... ha Mr. Smarty Pants! (Then again, I wouldn't put it past - or is it passed - him ... afterall he did write a great lyric using the word mediocrity - who'd a thunk?!)

I have always said, "the man could wear a rubber chicken on his head and still look great" ... and that ain't so far from the truth. Remember that multi-colored striped beanie he wore a few tours ago in Europe? Hmmm ... gotta find a few pics of that one.

So, I'm asking ... what picture of him do you have where he has on something outrageous and still looks great ... go ahead and send them to me at

I will post them next week along with my new Thursday section, One Liners, an online contest to come up with the best one-line captions.