Wednesday, October 1, 2008

MMM, MMQ, etc etc etc (...a little late)

Greetings friends! I am finally beginning to come back to life after the cold from hell. So, I must catch up on all the happenings of the last several days. Actually, there wasn't much doing so this should be relatively short ... LOL

So...this week's music madness post will focus on our guilty pleasures ... no, not HRH (His Royal Hotness) ... see The Fiction Mistress for that ... its ass week! And, I don't feel guilty at all about that one anyway.

I'm talking about that album you don't want to admit you listen to. That record (yes, I still use that word all the time) that you turn to in your time of need, lust, happiness, craziness, whatever.

As I've mentioned, my listening library is pretty diverse - from Michael Feinstein to Mahler to Metallica (though right now I'm all about Ozzy's "Crazy Train.")

But, this album I'm writing about today is one that has special memories for me. I remember feeling "naughty" for loving it so much. Let's remember ... I am a classical musician by training ... ironically, it was my roommate at a music festival that introduced me to it. And ever since, its one of my "go to" albums.

From "Bad Boys Running Wild" to my fave "Still Loving You", there isn't one track on the album I skip.

Visit here for a listen.

So ... what's YOUR guilty listening pleasure? A movie soundtrack? A little Manilow? Whatever it may be ... own up to it. Its okay. That's what makes us who we are.

I must admit that this past weekend was BORING with a capital "b" in terms of football - which sucked because I was basically camped out on Willow's sofa with kleenex, cough drops and the remote. Nonetheless, the Eagles played ... oyyy ... but my beloved Giants and Pats had the week off. My overall record for the year isn't so bad just yet ... currently 38-22 ... I am still waiting for my perfect week ... ok ... been waiting for years for that, but still I am holding out hope!