Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday Trivia #3

Question: What non-Jovi 80s "hair band" hit song was supposedly written in the living room of Bon Jovi's Jersey shore apartment?

I can still remember,
When I was just a kid.
When friends were friends forever,
And what you said was what you did ...

Through the years and miles between us,
It's been a long and lonely ride.
But if I got that call in the dead of the night,
I'd be right by your side.

Blood on Blood
Bon Jovi - New Jersey

Its hard to believe sometimes that Bon Jovi is 25 years old ... that can't be ... because that would make me ... well ... no longer in my 20s, lets put it that way.

When you think about how much has changed in the last two decades, it boggles the mind. From world events (I remember the night The Wall came down like it was yesterday) to the advancement of technology (I recently unearthed my Walkman.)

And yet, as much as things change, things stay the same. Maybe that is why Bon Jovi's songs continue to resonate with so many of us ... the themes really never go away ... friendship, love, loss, optimism, challenge.