Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This or That #3

...and on we go...

This is the last set from Honolulu ... I promise ... maybe. LOL

So, not only did we get some rare old songs in Hawaii, we got some rare new ones too. Not sure if Jon Bon Jovi thought that Brokenpromiseland and Thorn in My Side didn't work well live, but they are favorite tracks of many of us, especially Thorn -- with the rocking J&R guitar duet at the end. And J's new(ish) guitar is a beauty.

Up first is THIS ...

Okay, so it was a bit rough around the edges ... s'alright with me. I love watching them work through songs, especially the communication between Tico, Hugh, Bobby and David -- its like watching a good string quartet ... just plugged in and pumped up. LOL

...and then there's the song we all want to hear more!

P.S. Still vacillating about South American trip ... its gonna be that OR the Europe leg. Right now I'm leaning towards the latter ... gotta see my crazy German girls! ;-) Also, J mentioned that Belichick might be hitting some of those June shows *stalker alert LOL*