Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In a Nutshell ...

I saw this clip a couple of weeks ago, but it seems to be re-surfacing now. It made me laugh, because its just oh-so-true.

Jon Bon Jovi: "New Yorkers ... they are very proud of their guys, but then they're brutally honest." Umm ... oops ... should I delete that Summerfest review I wrote a while back? LOL

But he's right. Why do you think its that way?

Well, I have my theories on that ... but I'm not sure how popular they would be. For example, we in NYC have access to, in many areas, the best of the best - whether it be the arts or fashion or restaurants. Its very competitive and therefore the bar is always being raised and judgment of your performance or product or whatever is often raw. Competition is fierce. It may also be because its just not easy to live here, so there is a baseline level of crankiness LOL.

Whatever the reason may be, its the place I love ... where I will most likely live for the rest of my life until they dump my ashes in the East River ... well, hopefully my ashes and not just my body. Haha.