Sunday, February 14, 2010

Best V-Day Gift from Bon Jovi

This is my last "Aloha!" from Hawaii. The plane leaves in a few hours. I am grabbing a cup of coffee and headed for one final walk on the beach before returning to the cold and snow of the Big Apple.

Today is the ultimate Hallmark holiday - the one that keeps many a flower and chocolate company in business. (Speaking of chocolates, yes, I did stock up on amazing dark chocolate macadamia nut clusters - suitcase is a whole lot heavier than when I arrived. LOL)

But, in "our" world we received one of the best gifts ever - better than Godiva, better than roses - Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora singing "Diamond Ring." What an absolute treat at the first show in Honolulu. As always, the incomparable FM captured an amazing video. Here it is ...

Its a beauty isn't it? Not just the song and the performance, but the video quality as well. Hmmm ... time for me to get a new camera.

Ok - gotta sign off and pack up. Thanks to all who joined me on this great Polynesian adventure. Next up, I'm considering bringing back the "Legendary Performances" video polls ... what do you think? Leave me a comment if we should do those again - for we DO have some new stuff to choose from. :-)