Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day One in Paradise

Greetings my fellow Jovifans ... I am writing to you from the terrace at the Outrigger resort while I sip on a Mai Tai in the warm Hawaiian sun. (Trust me, I KNOW how blessed I am that I was able to get out of NYC before Snowmagaeddon Part Deux. How do you spell that ... no spellcheck on Blackberry.)

So, I was able to get the LAST seat on the LAST flight out of LAX last night. I arrived in Honolulu with no hotel reservation but luckily my friend B from Seattle let me crash at her hotel for the night. Thanks B!!

Because I arrived so late I wasn't able to see anything until the sun came up this morning ... But when it did ... OH MY GOODNESS. I would like to personally thank Jon Bon Jovi for choosing to do two shows in Honolulu ... I just hope I remember to get off the beach and actually GO to the concerts!! LOL

This morning while my friend was climbing Diamond Head, I took a long walk along the beach and thru Waikiki. I later sent a text to my boss that I'd like to be transferred to our Honolulu office (we do actually have one ... Hehe)

I definitely looked like a sun-starved New Yorker upon arrival ... dressed in my requisite black. Luckily, there are some great shops around to get into "the spirit of the islands". LOL

I ran into Rob from the fan club (their hotel is across the street from mine). Looks like all is good over there ... lanyards look cool, attendees are excited ... Everyone is in a great mood. :-)

Tomorrow I will focus on Bon Jovi but for tonight its just about great food and drink with tiki torches on the beach.

P.S. I promise next post won't be from the Blackberry ... but at $11/day for internet, I will concentrate on my tan for now.

Til next time.