Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Whole Lot of Something Goin' On

Greetings ... and happy Saturday to y'all. Sorry that my posting has been a little erratic lately. Somehow my schedule is all over the place - and it seems October is going to be absolutely CRAZY. I'm not kidding ...

- The last two Bruce Springsteen shows at Giants Stadium
- Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes at BB King's
- Bobby Bandiera's Rock-n-Soul revue show at the Count Basie
- Yankees post-season games


- the taping of Inside the Actor's Studio which excites me more than I can even say!! (THANK YOU to my Jovifriend who helped me get tickets. *wink wink*)

Sounds like a pretty damn good month to me!! Woo hoo!! I do realize that I am EXTREMELY blessed to live in New York City and be able to attend lots of great events. That's one of the main reasons I have continued this blog - to simply be able to share these experiences with others who might be interested in them.

Anyway ...

Its been a looong time since I posted a new poll. I thought I'd do something to celebrate Bruce's run of shows at Giants by choosing a couple of clips of him with HRH for you to enjoy. Here we go ...

I was so bummed to hear that the HOPE Concert was probably not going to happen this year (according to the box office rep at the Count Basie.) Those shows are always awesome - great rock-n-roll music at its best.

And this clip just makes me laugh ... what is up with HRH's hand permanently attached to his belt? LOL

Don't forget to vote ... the poll box is somewhere on the left side bar ... below the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation widget, the Bon Jovi MLB (GO YANKEES!) widget and various other things ... its there I promise.

As a total aside: Does anybody else think that Big & Rich's "We're Coming to Your City" is the most perfect pairing for a tv show EVER (for ESPN's College Gameday) ... I LOVE IT!! Obviously, it just came on ... haha.

Okay ... there's been other news in the Joviworld, but that's what Google alerts are for. In terms of the artwork for the new record, I like it. (A quick note to the Twitter people there ... be sure the link actually works when you send out the tweet ... LOL) And as for that paparazzi video of Jon coming out of the Essex House ... seeing Craig Spencer in it has my head spinning with speculation (that's a dangerous place to be.)

Gotta go for now ... but I'll be back shortly. Time for more coffee (but, of course!)