Friday, October 9, 2009

Just a Tidbit of Bruce ... More Later

OH MY FRICKIN' GOODNESS ... I just got back from the Springsteen show at Giants Stadium and ... well ... I'm speechless (yes, mark this day on the calendar!)

Well, actually ... probably not speechless but VERY exhausted ... so I'm gonna go to bed. But a couple tidbits before I go ...

FIRST - Similar to Bon Jovi during the HAND tour, there was a walkway at the back of the pit with a small platform ... here's Bruce up there working the crowd ...

and then being the crazy man he is (which we all love!) ... here's Bruce (a bit blurry) ... crowd surfing back to the stage. I had to eventually put my camera down ... didn't want to drop Bruce!! You break it, you buy it! LOL

So ... one down ... one more to go. I have a feeling tomorrow night is going to be even more energetic than tonight ... and tonight ROCKED!