Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A New Day

Greetings Jovinuts ... hope this finds you well and enjoying the first days of Fall (at least here in the U.S.) I love this season because it always feels like a fresh start - must be a holdover from all those years in school.

Well, in Joviland we are in the midst of a new beginning as well ... new record, new tour and a new fan club site. (Let me tell you ... if you are not a member, you really should join ... this is gonna be great!)

I'm actually quite excited about it all. When I think of where many of us started all those years ago with the Secret Society and then thru the Mrs. B years and then "Version 2" when Matt Bongiovi took over and now this new incarnation ... as they say on that ciggy commercial "you've come a long way baby."

I had to work quite late tonight so I only just started perusing the new site a short time ago. There are still some bugs I'm sure they're working out (hmmm...I couldn't get the videos to work properly) BUT ... I did enjoy getting a sneak peek at the soon-to-be-released video for "We Weren't Born to Follow."

We all like the "behind the scenes" kind of photos, messages and videos ... and the site has plenty of those.

Of course, being a New Yorker, I absolutely love that they used the backdrop of the city as their location - though not surprising considering many, MANY of their videos have been in The Big Apple.

(Sidebar: Yes, there were a lot more pictures. And, yes, there are some sites/blogs that are posting them all. But, I choose to respect the fact that I - and many others - work hard for the money we spend on a membership to the fan club. In this day and age, I understand how things fly around the internet - if you'd like to see more of the pictures I'm sure you will find them.)

On a different note, I hope you have all had the opportunity to contribute to the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation as part of its new global initiative. When I first started in non-profit development, I learned that the number one reason people don't give is simply because they weren't asked. Well, consider yourself asked!

As always, I have a lot more to say ... but no time to do so right now. Must get some sleep for tomorrow I will be seeing the opening night of previews for "Memphis." I have been counting the months 'til this show was due to open - having heard so many of the songs already.

Check in on Thursday for a review! :-)

P.S. Updated to say ... got the videos to work. Woo hoo! And ... dang! The guys look great - rested and HAPPY!