Saturday, September 5, 2009

Me vs Mom ... LOL

Well, its finally Saturday here! Woo hoo and that means I can get online!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know of my trials and tribulations with the fact that at my office, all access to most of the internet has been turned off as of last week. I really don't have a problem with it, EXCEPT for the fact that's its ONLY the New York office and not any of the other dozen offices around the country.

Oh! I forgot that line mothers always use "life isn't fair!" LOL

Speaking of my mom, I give her a lot of credit for stalking the FYE in Ohio and buying up all their copies of the new single. Umm...that was a whole 6 copies. The clerk didn't seem to understand why anyone would want to buy the single ... Mom simply looked at him and said "but its Bon Jovi." She, however, was not pleased that Tico wasn't included on the cover. Haha.

To a certain extent, I'm a lot like my mom ... but there are a few places where our opinions differ greatly. One place, for instance, on the song "Seat Next to You." She absolutely loves that song. Me? I skip it every time it comes on. (sorry, its just a bit too whiny for me.) And, I really like "Any Other Day" and my mom is sort of lukewarm on that one. HUH?!?!

So, in honor of moms everywhere ... here's the new poll. My mom's song vs one of my songs.


Look! And I even made it a fair fight by choosing performances from the same show. I coulda chose that one from the O2 with Richie Sambora's remarkable solo ... hehe.

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend ... I'm going to spend most of it watching the US Open ... another place where my mom and I differ ... I'm all about Roger Federer and she's all about Rafael Nadal. THIS should be fun! :-)

P.S. You need to scroll down to vote (left side of the page) ... cuz that MLB video is staying up as long as the Yankees are in the post season ... so that will be until the World Series! HEHE!