Monday, August 24, 2009

Still Lamenting the Loss of My Soul ...

Hey there ... happy Monday ... ugh! Hope y'all had a great weekend. I spent mine hanging with the Fictionistas here in New York City. I believe a great time was had by all - lots of wine, tequila, laughing and talk about life, "the boys" and the tour.

But now onto the new poll ... (I LOVE this one!)

Well, pre-season football is in full swing now (GO GIANTS!) which means "the real" season is just around the corner...FINALLY some football. So, this means spending the next several months of Sundays (and most Mondays) cheering, jeering, eating all your favorite bad foods and screaming at the television. Woo hoo!

But, that doesn't mean that I have forgotten about the loss of the Soul and the AFL at all! So, in honor of all things football, here we go.

Up first is the Vegas/AFL promo commercial ... gotta love Jon Bon Jovi in a powder blue suit ...

And next ... the magnificent "Rumble in the House" ... that look right before he closes the door ... ooh gets me every time ... and the "think your wife's gonna notice that?" line, classic!

I really couldn't choose one over the other ... can you?