Monday, August 10, 2009

Soul Poll #1

So, in light of the Soul "situation", I thought that the next poll should somehow be related ... so here it goes.

We Got It Going On
There is no song that symbolizes the AFL more than this one of course. Used as the theme song for the League, you can't help but hear it and think of arena football. (I can't help seeing Jon Bon Jovi's smiling face when I would hold up my Destination Arenabowl sign...LOL...or at least I THINK he was smiling...)

Thought I'd put it up against this song ... but how does that relate to the Soul you ask? Some of you may not realize that it was on the cd that the AFL released in 2004 called "There's a Rumble in the House." (hmm...maybe that should be the next poll, the two Jon vs John commercials ... )

Anyway, I have always really liked this song ... not sure why they chose to include it on the cd (well, I have my theories, but ...) nonetheless, here it is.

Note: I purposely used a non-performance video of WGIGO so that we're doing song vs song. If anybody has a LIVE video of Neurotica, let me know!!