Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jukes Bliss--Jovi Hell

Greetings from the Steamed Apple. I don't like Summer. Period. Or at least not Summer in New York City where the heat can be so oppressive you can barely breathe and you need to shower again by the time you get to work in the morning. Ugh.

Well, today has been a bit of rollercoaster ... up and down, up and down. But, let's start with the good stuff first. :-)

Jukes Bliss
I was able to snag an entry into Sirius Radio's Fantasy Football Draft Day this morning at the Hard Rock Cafe here in NYC. I am a football fan, but that's not why I was there. I am a Sirius subscriber, but that's not why I was there. I was there for the sole purpose of getting my fix of Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes.

Anyhoo, the band was there to perform a mostly-acoustic handful of songs live on the radio -- I'm assuming to promote their crackin' new album, Pills and Ammo. Hopefully they enjoyed looking out into the audience and at least seeing a few familiar faces (regardless of the little comments made by one sunglasses-wearing, hat-obsessed Buckeye keyboard player who shall remain nameless. *wink*)

It was really a fun time actually and just what I needed today. Here's what they played:

Talk To Me
Cross That Line
Walk Away Renee
Lead Me On
I Don't Want To Go Home
Harder Than It Looks
We're Having A Party

I particularly enjoyed Southside helping to distribute the tiny little maracas to the audience for 'Party' ... I have to say, though, as the resident crafter, I need to bring the man the proper ink so that the Jukes stamp doesn't rub off. ;-)

Here are a few blurry pictures ...

Ok ... have to post this one even though its REALLY bad because Tom gave me grief last time when I didn't post any of him from The Stone Pony LOL

...ahh and Southside Johnny (who was probably looking at me thinking hey, there's that strange girl again and she seems really happy to hear "Lead Me On" ... which I was *sigh*)

... and the aforementioned keyboard player ... not sure if he was singing at this point or just making fun of me :-(

... and Glenn and Neal (who was the sole representative of the horn section ... and also played guitar ... hope he at least got doubling fees ... haha)

All-in-all a great way to spend my lunch break -- though in truth I actually didn't go into the office this morning ... which leads me to part 2 of this post.

Jovi Hell
I still have another 48 hours of my self-imposed JoviExile. All things having to do with "that damn band" are off limits. Not looking at setlists. Not reading reviews. Not looking at pictures. Not listening to their albums.

Why you ask? Well, because I was supposed to be in Toronto right now -- yep, remember how night 1 was supposed to be my 175th show? (THANK GOODNESS that got bumped up one by the absolutely rockin' Jukes/Jovi show at Blossom!)

Anyhoo, I had been waiting for MONTHS to get an appointment with this neurologist ... and I mean MONTHS. So, of course what happens? I finally get "the call" and he can see me this morning at 8:30am. That means, no Toronto. So, that's TWO pit tickets, flight and my portion of the hotel down the drain ... you do the math.

Jon Bon Jovi doesn't like empty seats right? Well, then somehow there should be a way for (in extenuating circumstances...ya having a brain tumor) a fan club member should be able to transfer their ticket to someone else, dontcha think? But no, they wouldn't let me. So, there it sat last night -- my pretty little 2nd row seat -- empty. I couldn't even GIVE the ticket away.

I know what you're all saying ... in the grand scheme of things my appointment was infinitely more important than a show. And, you're absolutely right ... I know that ... in my head. But, that doesn't help my broken heart (or make up for the weeks of ramen noodles.) :-(

So ... What's Next
Hey, I don't want to end on a sad note though ... so, as they would always say on The West Wing ... "what's next?" Well, that would be another Jukes show tomorrow night in Tarrytown ... ironically, a seat in the 2nd row ... hmmm, maybe God did have a plan...? :-)

P.S. Added later: I'm not really mad at the band. Or even the fan club. It was just a bad confluence of events that have left me sad (and broke) ... but ya know ... in the end I'm still a fan so "Bounce! Bounce!..." :-)