Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Circle - Are We Halfway There Yet?

Since it had been a few days since I posted I thought I'd just stop by and say "hola!" ... I'm in Spanish mode as I've been researching flights, hotels and exactly how I'm going to break it to my firm that I would really like to have just a few extra days off to catch the Bon Jovi shows in Costa Rica, Peru and Chile. Call me crazy ... but softly though, please. LOL

You see, I have this little problem with South America ... I absolutely LOVE it! I spent two seasons playing in the Lima Philharmonic and fell in love with (and in) Peru. The "in" is a story for another time though. Haha. Seriously, Peru is a great country ... I wrote a bit about it here. Oh, and let's not forget about South American wines! hehe

Anyhoo, the massive JoviSpreadsheet is back open and numbers are being crunched as I write this.

In the meantime, we still have THIS leg to finish right? Well, one more day to work and a Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes concert (one more night to rock LOL) and then I'm off to the Windy City. Should be a fun time as everybody and their sister seems to be staying at the same place. The biggest problem I see with this is the incredibly long line it will create at the new Sprinkles cupcake place a block from the hotel. (Thanks for telling us B ... it's all your fault!)

It's hard to believe that this first major portion of Jon Bon Jovi and The Boys' "The Centipede Tour" (for it DOES seem to have a zillion legs) is almost over. For me, it started way back with those two "public rehearsals" in Honolulu (oh and a whole bunch of mai tais!) then over to Kansas City (and great bbq) and through the Northeast (those 5 shows in 7 days last spring nearly KILLED me) and back home for four nights at GIANTS Stadium (oh alright ... NMS) and a quick stop in Ohio (JUKES JUKES JUKES!) and Boston (GO YANKEES!) and now ending in my original hometown of Chicago (where I'm meeting up with my childhood best friend that I haven't seen in 15 years!)

Admittedly, there were a few low points along the way, but many more high points for sure. Here are a few (in video form) ...

They REALLY should play this one more, don't you think?! and not just because its a great song, but because that guitar is FABULOUS ... (from Honolulu)

one of many highlights from Philadelphia ...

and from Mohegan Sun ...

look! my one and only video ... EVER! LOL (from Giants) ...

oh c'mon, you HAD to know I wasn't going to post a Jovi video from Blossom ... haha

So, there are just a few of the fun moments along the way.

Now, with August 1st fast approaching (just hang on a couple more days and you'll be on the beach, Jon!) and 16 shows so far this tour I am wondering ... whoa, whoa am I halfway there? How many more shows are in our collective future? What great countries will we see? What new friends will we meet?

I'm certainly ready for the next chapter ... how about you?

p.s. ya know! I DO have a counter ... and that little link that tells me where my readers are from ... I know you're out there!! :-) So why not leave me a comment about your thoughts so far?! ... I get lonely sometimes. LOL

ADDED LATER: I was hoping to hear YOUR favorite memories and stories if you've seen a show this tour yet, not comment on MY going to shows or on the blog (though I appreciate your support!) This is an opportunity for YOU to do the writing! :-)