Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A GIANT(s) Wrap-Up (part 1)

Greetings my exhausted JoviFriends!

I don't know about you all but its taking a bit to recover from these three amazing shows at the New Meadowlands Stadium (see?! I do know how to say it, I just choose not to! LOL)

It was several incredible days of catching up with friends from around the world - Germany, Italy, the UK, Australia, Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Washington, California and even from right across the river in Jersey. Every night it was a party in the pit as people (friends and ... ummm .... otherwise LOL) saw eachother. JoviShows in Jersey are always a big reunion.

One of the great things about visitors is that it forces me out of the norm to play tour guide and concierge.

Side note: Speaking of "out of the norm" ... it was a hoot greeting the fan club buses as they came down Wall Street on their city tour. You can imagine the scene ... me standing out on the street holding up a NMS BJ t-shirt and busloads of people hollering. I got quite a few "interesting" looks from passers-by.

Anyhoo, many good times were had over the past week, like ...

Introducing my crazy Germans to the love that IS Levain Cookies ...

And the strange inhabitants of Manhattan LOL ...

Together we took a long walk through Central Park, drank margaritas, saw MEMPHIS (my lucky number 13th time I think) and did a bit of shopping (ROFLMAO ... anyone who knows my girls know that a BIT of shopping is always an understatement hehe.)

We ended our week together with an amazing road trip to the Hamptons for Memorial Day weekend. We stood on the beach at the end of the United States in Montauk. We drank margaritas (do you see a pattern here? LOL). We jumped in the pool. We caught an incredible sunset on the nearly deserted Georgica Beach in East Hampton ...

I am always grateful to "that damn band that takes all my money" for the real, true friendships I've been blessed with. *sigh*

Okay ... yeah yeah yeah, but I know why you're all reading this blog ... you want to hear about Jon and the boys.

Well, you'll have to wait a bit longer for that as I finish going through pictures, etc.

But, in the meantime ... here is my first video EVER ... I love the song, but damn! ... you don't realize how long it is until you're holding up a camera. LOL

So, stay tuned for pics and thoughts about the shows. :-)

P.S. For those who are surprised to see a post from me today, it was pre-scheduled. Haha...tricked you! I know you're all with me today as we continue on this journey. Will be in touch as soon as I can. Thanks for your never-ending support. Luv you guys.