Monday, June 28, 2010

14 Days and Counting ...

Happy Monday my fellow JoviNuts. Hope those of you in the NYC-area are staying cool ... its a scorcher out there. Ugh.

Well, now that the London BJ shows are done, its time to focus on the boys return to the States to finish up the next leg of what I am affectionately calling "the centipede tour" ... I mean, seriously, how many legs are there?

So, first up is the fourth show at Giants. I am hoping we might be in for a few treats given the incredible stuff they pulled out at the O2 ... but honestly, I doubt it will happen. Sorry. Would so love to be proven wrong (hint, hint, wink, wink Jonny.)

What I AM very excited about, however, is that a mere 14 days from now I will be in Ohio for the mother of all double-bills ... Bon Jovi closing for Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes. LOL

Of course I always love to see BJ ... but those who read this blog on a regular basis know that I'm also a devoted Jukesfan, too. I have had the pleasure of seeing Southside and JBJ together a few times over the years and every time it has been magical. I am expecting no less this time ... especially given the huge following the Jukes have in Cleveland. I'm also excited because this is my first opportunity to hear some of the songs from the new record since its release.

I've been meaning to write about the new album for a while now, but ... ya know ... life just gets in the way sometimes. Anyhoo, about "Pills and Ammo" ... IT ROCKS! Actually, I've been listening to it more than just about any other CD right now. I don't skip a single song (unlike The know I love you, Jon), but the two stand-out ones for me are easily "Lead Me On" ... absolutely LOVE that track!! ... and "A Place Where I Can't Be Found". There's the wonderfully harsh commentary on NYC (dedicated to JBJ) called "Heartbreak City" which is also a fave.

One of the things I really like about this album is that while its very clean and balanced, it still captures the "live" feel and joy that for me defines the Jukes. If you've ever seen Southside, you know its sort of what I would call a James Joycean stream-of-consciousness experience. Certainly, there is a plan (or at least I think there is LOL) but like all truly great performers, there's a spontaneity and a "let's just go with the flow" type of feel. If you're not familiar with their work at all (shame on you! haha), I think "One More Night to Rock" totally sums up the whole shebang.

Dirty Chuck Taylors and some beat up jeans,
I don't care what it all means.
I got four horns and a rhythm section,
Everybody going in a different direction.
So what if I forget the words
You all know them anyhow ...

Gotta love that!

Take a listen.

....ahhh, yep. That's the Jukes.

So, that's what I'm looking forward to in two weeks. Unfortunately, I have a feeling I'm going to feel short-changed as I'm used to them playing for a good couple of hours. Haha. But, then again there is always the possibility of a "do-it" or two with SSJ and Jonny *crossing fingers but not holding my breath to hear Soul's on Fire*. Having all those guys on stage together is certainly going to be a hoot. Wondering ... do Bobby and Kazee have to play with both bands? LOL They could ya know. :-)

In any case, I'll be tweeting the set list (from both bands) while celebrating my 175th JoviShow (ain't that scary?!) Me and Mom, 5th row center ... we're havin' a party!

P.S. To see when the Jukes will be in your area and to buy the new record (!!!), visit

P.S.2. And JK, if you're reading this ... you already know what's on my wish list. ;-)