Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What An Amazing Morning ...

Okay ... I will probably be back later to post more but for now, just wanted to drop in and say that the Today Show this morning was AWESOME!

Yes, OF COURSE I was there and thanks to my good friend JerzyJovi had one of the VIP Radio Winner passes which got us into a special area before the VIP passes and the fan passes (that's goin' in the scrapbook for sure! )

the pass translated into this view ... about 15 feet from Tico ...

Even though we were at the side of the stage, we had GREAT views of the guys and were surrounded by some real fans, a bunch of fantastic ladies.

There were a couple of soundchecks - the first one was without Jon (like the Veteran's Day show) and then Jon came out later. It was great to hear RICHIE singing Work for the Working Man and Superman Tonight, even if he didn't really know all the words (that's okay ... WE DID!)

There is usually one moment in every show that sticks with me for a while ... I think this one will stick with me until the day I die.

Many of you have heard about my special moment with Jon at the Central Park show. If you don't know the story ... very quickly ... I had this sign (that said Destination Arenabowl) that I took to every show. Jon saw it A LOT. LOL. The day of the Central Park show was the day we won the Conference Championship which gave us a spot in the ArenaBowl. This is what happened when he saw my sign ...

many of you know Joviswillow who got those shots and to whom I will be forever grateful!!! :-)

Anyway ... that was an incredible moment.

Today's moment just might rival that ... for when Jon saw my baseball cap with the honkin' big Soul logo, he looked at me, we did several thumbs up back and forth to each other, he pointed to the hat, I laughed, we smiled at each other ... this went back and forth for a good several seconds ... though it felt like the whole thing was in slow-mode. LOL

One of the ladies behind us got an AWESOME shot of the exchange ... she said she would e-mail it to me ... I hope she actually does.

Jon Bon Jovi and I definitely have this ongoing connection when it comes to the Soul. The team was a very big part of my life, especially in that last season. I ate, drank and breathed that team in year 5. Oh ... I almost forgot! I'm pretty sure Obie was wearing the Soul Band and Drumline shirt today that I gave him. So, all around it was a little Soul lovefest.

I do deserve some credit for refraining from jumping on the stage and absolutely interrogating Jon about exactly what he is doing to bring the team back. I figured that might not bode well for future encounters with him. LOL

Anyway ... it was a fantastic morning - too short, as always - but we did get Work for the Working Man several times ("and once again from the bridge, starting on D" LOL) and a couple of times thru Superman Tonight. Because it was a broadcast and time was limited, they did have to shorten both songs a bit.

I gotta say ... I absolutely LOVED being so close to Tico. Its usually so hard to even see him back there sometimes, so to have the opportunity to be close enough to almost run my fingers over the windchimes was pretty darn cool.

We finished off our wonderful morning with a quick trip to Ferrara's in Little Italy to pick up some pastries. CANNOLI!!! Yumm!! ... well, yumm eventually ... ... after getting a little turned around in Chinatown. Haha. Seriously, it gets funky down there with Canal and the Bowery and all that ... oyyyy!

P.S. YES! I know I need to get a real concert camera ...

But, in the meantime, I will END on this (sorry ... I just HAD to!) ...