Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So You Wanna (Help) a Rock-and-Roll Star?

Ok...I've written about Outside the Box before. Really, truly NICE guys. Talented. Smart. SO YOUNG (but that's not their fault. LOL) I was that young once ... I think. Yeah, I know -- "not old, just older."

Anyhoo, they are in the process of completing their debut album (yay!) but need some help. Here's where all of you, my lovely friends, come in.

How would you like to support this amazing band? You could get everything from a signed CD to concert tickets to dinner with the guys! And ... in the process, you'd be assisting in the development of one of the next great rock-and-roll bands! Every band has to start somewhere, right?

Those who read this blog on a regular basis know my passion for music. I wouldn't write about something I don't feel 100% about ... and that's why I was the first person to jump on board to support them (as a diehard Yankees fan, I even overlooked their producer sporting a Cincinnati Reds hat in the promo video. Haha. j/k JK.)

So, whaddya think? Will you join me?

Step 1: Go to THIS SITE to watch a great video on the project and pledge your support.

Step 2: Pat yourself on the back for doing a good deed. :)

Step 3: Visit Outside the Box's website for more music, tour dates and pictures.

Thanks in advance from me, the blogger formerly known as Big Apple Jovi Girl.

p.s. and if you're in/near Asbury Park on Wednesday nights in June, you can check out OTB live at the Stone Pony! Be sure to let me know you're coming.

*re: Blog title ... gotta love The Byrds*