Tuesday, November 25, 2008

R.I.P. ... means something TOTALLY different in NYC

Okay ... when I started this blog, I did say that this would be an ongoing dialogue of the crazy and chaotic ... right? That it wouldn't ALL be about Bon Jovi.

And today's post is definitely not Jovi related ... just warning y'all.

SO -- R.I.P. ... New York Style.

The City of New York, in its undeniably unique way, has developed a new online system for tracking ... ready for this ... rats. Yes, those furry, dirty, can-be-confused-with-a-Chihuahua rodents.

It is called the Rat Information Portal. No kidding ... R.I.P.

Portal? Sounds like something from Star Trek ... if so, couldn't they just beam them up to somewhere else?!

On the website, you can view what the level of rat population is in your neighborhood, report on recent sitings (I did not yet post about the large one I saw in the subway a few days ago that I named Henry).

You can even blog about the best way to rid your apartment or business of them ... so I guess the R.I.P is supposed to lead to more cases of actual R.I.P. (Rest in Peace)

ONLY in New York. Gotta love this town!

P.S. And since you all are expecting a little Bon Jovi ... here's a pic of Jon's reaction to this story having now moved to NYC ... LOL