Monday, November 17, 2008

Bon Jovi in Macy's Today ...

Ha! Made you look!

Anyway, so I walked into Macy's Herald Square today to once again get lost in the handbag section ... ahhhhh ... and what comes on the overhead system? A little Jovi of course ... (You Want to) Make A Memory.

At first I thought it was the beautiful Coach bag singing to me ... (wouldn't you want to make some memories carrying that around?!) ... but then I was pleased to find out it was actually our boys. LOL

Anyway .. I must apologize for neglecting this blog for the past couple of weeks. As most of you know, I recently got my ass back to NYC and things have been a bit chaotic. I am not crazy about the apartment EXCEPT the fact that it has two huge double closets ... a total rarity in the city. Now, I don't even need to curb my shoe obsession!

Wouldn't that Coach purse look awfully nice in that big closet ...? (by the way, its called the Bleecker Street bag ... which is not so far from Mercer Street if you know what I mean ...)

So, if you have never had the opportunity to visit the Big Apple ... what the hell are you waiting for?!?

And if you're coming thru, drop me a line and we can have a pretzel from a vendor on Central Park West. :-)