Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 2: Castles, Whiskey and Cough Drops

...sorry for the delay in posting. Crazy, fun weekend. DJ3K!

Okay ... onto Day 2 of my Bon Jovi UK adventure.

The concert in Edinburgh had been fantastic. The crowd fabulous. The set list wonderful. The confetti ... EVERYWHERE! LOL But, unfortunately, it had rained ... a lot - cold, windy rain - and that wreaked havoc on my flight-weary body so that by the next morning, I was downright SICK ... yep, fever, cough, congestion, achiness. UGH!

But the show must go on!

Another lesson learned quickly while "on tour" ... there are two kinds of days: sitting ones (concert days - in the queue) and walking ones (non-concert days - sightseeing.) So, after a quick stop at the pharmacy to get me some heavy-duty meds, we got on the bus and headed off to check out the city and Edinburgh Castle, in particular.

..after walking the winding streets of the city (including meeting an extremely funny guy who was dressed up as Braveheart), we finally made our way up to the castle...

...the entrance...complete with quintessential moat! (no alligators, though, I checked. LOL)

They are in the midst of preparing for the world-famous Edinburgh Festival so lots of construction going on ...

I would love to be able to come back to experience the military tattoo ... must be an amazing sight!

(obviously not my picture. haha)

After all that walking and picture-taking, we just had to stop for a drink, yes? And what better place for a slightly-ailing American than The Scotch Whiskey Experience!? We opted out of the barrel ride through the production facility and headed straight for the cafe.

...ahh, it looks like an innocent cup of coffee, but ... woohee!

Of course...we had to also try some straight know, for medicinal purposes! *wink*

But, soon enough it was time to get back to the hotel to pick up our bags and head to the airport. I really wish I'd had more time in Scotland. The people there were incredibly kind and the city of Edinburgh had so much more I wanted to explore. I will be back!

Next stop: LONDON...and a dream come true!

p.s. Amusing side note: during the concert, Jon Bon Jovi mentioned that he wanted to move to Scotland...Jon did you happen to see this on your way to the venue? Look! Each of the guys could have their own wing! It was right across the street from our hotel. I thought it would make a really cool music conservatory. Can you imagine the heating bill for that thing?! But, still ... c'mon lottery numbers!! Haha.

...oh, and just so that you don't forget what's still coming up...

Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park...

A rainy night in Bristol...

...and of course...the two Dublin shows.